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Cicely Mary Barker (1895 -1973)

Cicely Mary Barker (1895 -1973)

        Cicely Mary Barker
           Flower Fairies

Cicely Mary Barker was born in West Croydon, Surrey, on 28 June 1895. All her life she was a frail child. However, apart from bouts of illness,  Cicely’s childhood was happy and secure.  Cicely’s father, an accomplished artist himself, encouraged her artistic talent by enrolling her at Croydon Art Society when she was thirteen years old and paying for a correspondence course in art which she continued until 1919.  She was only sixteen when she had her first work accepted for publication as a set of postcards, and from that time she devoted her career to painting her famous Flower Fairies.

Flower Fairies are found in tree tops, forest glens and gardens.  Whenever a flower seed sprouts, a Fairy Flower is born.  Each Fairy Flower lives and sleeps in their chosen flower and is in charge of taking care of the flower, keeping it strong and well fed.  The best times to see Flower Fairies are at twilight, midnight, and just before sunrise but they don't like to be found and are likely to quickly disappear with the use of their "fairy dust".

                          Scilla Fairy   
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